Top 5 Secrets, You should never share on Facebook

Facebook is a platform launched in 2004, for users to connect with each other and communicate with their friends and family. here we will discuss the top 5 secrets that you should never share on Facebook to make your self and family safe and secure. It was the most convenient source of sharing information and communicating as other social apps were quite limited. Use of social media accounts is not limited to boundaries, so we have to be careful about what we have to share on these social media platforms.

Talking about privacy on Facebook, it has been assuring it’s users since the beginning, that it is continuously taking measures for their privacy.  But your private and very personal information should not be shared as not everyone on your Facebook is your friend. Some may dislike you and can use your sensitive information to harm you. Other than that your Facebook is not 100% safe, as it can get hacked and the hacker can misuse your personal information.

Top 5 Secrets – never share on Facebook and Social Media

1. Your Home Address

By sharing your address on Facebook, you would be giving access to scammers who can commit identity theft by getting your home address.

2. Religious information

Your friends can belong from different religions and you should refrain from sharing sensitive information about religions. As some of your friends can be religion intolerant. The wrong type of religious statement out of context could spark an intense argument. You could receive potential threats from some intolerant person.

3. Never Share Your Information Linked To Financial Account

People get their identities stolen and their business accounts hacked simply because of what they post on Facebook. If you were to post secretive information, such as passwords, people can simply hack your bank account. This also goes for all types of monetary data — bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and your current checking balance. Keep all your finance details off Facebook so that you can guard your money against hackers.

4. Private photos

Although Facebook claims that the conversations are secured, but in reality, they are not. Hackers could access your conversations and any kind of personal pictures can be leaked. So if you don’t want any particular picture to be seen by people, then don’t share it.

5. The layout of your house

When you share your pictures of the interior structure of your house, you’re basically inviting criminals to break in your house. The thief would know the exact layout of your house and plan accordingly for it.