The Hidden Mystery – How Village life is changing with Technology

The Village life of the world has evolved to the next level. Pakistan is a population of 220 million people and most of them are technology-friendly with 161 million cellular subscribers (source “PTA“). Now more than 90% of Pakistani are living in the areas having coverage of cellular services. It is the countryside or main cities, technology is changing the dimensions of life everywhere. villages in Pakistan are having about 68% of its population.

No. of Cellular Subscribers in Pakistan
Source, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Human Quest for Healthier and Happier Life

Freshness, calmness, and scent of clay are the essence of village life. No matter how much modern you are, bearing life at city skyscrapers, or owning a bigger bank account, imagining a village will give a sense of a hard, tough, but pure and soul nourisher life.

Opportunities bring people to towns, although life was started from smaller groups. Interest groups formed villages, then life found its ways to bigger, and much-populated cities with the time. It is human that is still in search of his quest for better, prosperous and more meaningful struggle. Rather than the fact that technology is making this search more robust, the quality of life is on the stake at the same time.

The Ultimate Goal – Village Life

A healthier and happier life is the ultimate goal of human being, but this era of technology comes with its own definitions, seemingly change communities. Over time technology revolutionized most of our daily routines. Amazing tools have been created to bring ease in lives of human, that further contributed to spin the time dramatically. The pace of time at villages is not yet disturbed much, but in general much has changed.

Social Media and Web Portals

Software’s are now ruling the world. Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms have no boundaries, affecting parents, children, and everyone living on this planet.

Today differences are mild between cities and countryside interim of technological presence. It is not only social platforms, but concepts like freelancing, e-commerce, web portals and online gaming are also other major barges in this regard. Being at the same location on the planet, this is the case with all SAARC countries including, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka from South Asia.

Change in Behaviour

cellular coverage extended opportunities to far-flung areas. Although most people using cellular services to surf social media platforms in addition to connectivity, applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, imo, etc. bring much advancement reduces technological gaps between cities and villages. With the use of the above-mentioned applications and tools, a layman of a village is ordering Eid cloth from an online store, transferring money while at work in fields, a school going young Pakistani boy is sharing gaming platforms like PubG with competitors of times-square New York, and much more… Technology is changing, so the lives and villages too.

Simply, villages are changing rapidly. I am not sure how the lives of villagers would be by 2050, but surely much change from today.