Public Service Commission – Expectations vs Reality

Public Service Commission is a main entry in the country to organize Civil Services exams / Ability tests and make hiring for government institutions.

Commission exams are settled criteria for the selection of talent required in government institutions. Each country has its own standards of selection, policies and procedure could vary. Pakistan has Public Service Commission (PSC) both at federal and provincial boundaries. They are responsible to pick a suitable candidate. Selected, will serve the nation and be a member of the national team for the next decades.

Hiring and Resouces

The public should know the selection process of these commissions, as ultimately, they will have to face Government institutions and their staff.  Hiring is what? but a suitable candidate for a suitable job. Didn’t we notice, that the working environment of these institutions is not up to a satisfactory level, as compared to the private market? Dozen other reasons could be, but the selection process of a suitable candidate is also questionable.

Ability Test

Let, we see the picture from the point of view of a candidate, who has the desire to serve homeland, family and his own dreams. Apart from exams like CSS – Central Superior Services and PMS – Provincial Management Services, commissions conduct ability tests for other positions from a lower grade to BPS 17 and above.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KP-PSC)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission or simply KP-PSC is the main entity for this purpose in the province. As per Pushto (a language) proverb “Old parents are good, else should new”. Most of the processes of KP-PSC are odious, required immediate attention and improvement. Although, progress has been made to bring advancement but still more awaited.  Journey to get a place in government institutions could take years.

What experiences candidates had after appearing in KPPSC Ability test and Interviews

Suhrab Khan, 39, a young unemployed Pakistani, shared his experience of ability test.

“When I got question paper in the exam hall, the first surprising thing was his colour, a yellowish dark and dull, this could have been from the 90s. Maybe, someone produced this about 15-20 years before, and after that, it is functional for all sort of computer-related tests. surprisingly, it was from the course of the 90s or even before. we were asked, questions from Windows 95 and MS-DOS, which are obsolete from years now.” The test was held for the position of Director MIS BPS-18.

My Experience

Iftikhar Hussain, another experienced Information Technology professional shared:

“I have 13 years of professional work experience. I had a dream to join the commission job. I have prepared myself from all the latest technological concepts and skills, but the question paper was from old ages. I am afraid, if this is the way to pick a suitable candidate, this is wrong. As per job advertisement, they were looking for a person who will manage computer networks at a higher level. but now my experience and approach have changed after having the test. They needed a machine to memorize books and millions of MCQs, and Job Descriptions (JDs) were just for fun, he added further”.

Tariq Hussain, 34, emphasizes on time management and adaptation of modern methods of recruiting, which is lacking in case of KPPSC. He further shared that he was called for ability test in June 2019, while he had applied for the position back in May 2018 (after one year).


The world is moving to hire 5G technology, implementing new ways and means to make recruitment more robust and appropriate, while we are far behind. For sure I am very disappointed with the whole process and procedures adopted by KPPSC.