Top 10 SEO Secrets for Your Websites and Blogs

SEO or Search Engin Optimization is a process through which we can improve the quality and quantity of web traffic to our websites or blogs. Today, This is the most demanding field on the web.

I don’t believe in secrets, especially when it comes to learning and knowledge sharing. Here I am going to share with you some very important points of SEO.

Why SEO or Search Engin Optimization if important?

For SEO success, the top most important thing is social interaction. You need a thorough understanding of what the searchers are looking for exactly. When it comes to examining engine optimization (SEO), there are no shortcuts.

To guarantee that users conducting searches in Google sees your website or web pages, you must apply the right strategies that attract the users and search engines alike. Search engines want to deliver users with outcomes that are related to their demands and bid the ultimate value. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the most appropriate pages are given more significant positions on a search engine results page.

To gain prominence in search engines, you must follow the following list of my top 10 secrets of Search Engin Optimization (SEO);

Top 10 secrets of SEO

Top 10 SEO Secrets for Your Websites and Blogs 1

1)    Quality content is essential

You must create exciting content according to the wants of your audience. Frequently update older content to make sure you are serving your audience with useful information from time to time. In short better the content, the more websites will like to link to you.

2)   Appropriate title

Title tags let Google know what’s on your page. Make sure you use keywords and phrases that match your audience intent. If you emphasis on what a user is looking for, and add that into your title tags, it can help you appeal the right type of user that will eventually end up on your page.

3)   Write distinctive Meta descriptions

A brief yet the exciting story of your page should be visible to your users that is the first thing searchers see. Meta descriptions will encourage them to select your page.

4)   Use readable URLs only

URL’s should be understandable with figures or characters. URL should be search engine friendly and easy to type.

5)   Structured Data

Having structured data on a search engine page makes your site more appealing and click-worthy. It helps Google decide what is visible to users when they search for your page.

6)   Site Speed

If your page doesn’t load quickly, it will discourage the users from visiting your site.

7)   Have an actual marketing plan

Set some realistic goals. Adjust your topics accordingly and then stick to your schedule.

8)   Be Social

Social interaction is a great way to promote or share content and to keep people engaged with your content.

9)   Optimize header tags (H1, H2)

It is the title of your page, which provides a broad overview of what your page contains. The tags should be towards the top of the page.

10) Image file name OR Alt attributes

Search engines can’t read the images the way users can, so alt-tab, a text-based description is vital in this case. All media of your website should have alt attributes or image file name.

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