What is Information Security, Benefits and Challenges?

Information security or Infosec is a method to protect the information from unauthorized access. However, it is not limited to secure data. It is also a part of information risk management and utilizes for decreasing the inappropriate access, use, disruption, inspection, modification, and destruction or deletion. Additionally, Information security is used for reducing the adverse impacts of any incident.

Information Security Objectives

Information Security programs have three main objectives called as CIA.

Confidentiality: means no access of unauthorized entities to the information. Here are the details about technology affecting our daily lives.

Integrity: means maintaining data accuracy.

Availability: means information must be available at the time of need.

How does Information Security work?

Firstly, it identifies the information and linked assets, potential threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts then evaluate and cope with the risks. Now it selects the appropriate security controls to mitigate the risk and implementing the plan. Then monitor the activities and make necessary adjustments, changes, and improvements.

In this era of social media and globalization, the role security analyst has increased to the next level. To protect your data and information is not an easy task. Let we first discuss the benefits and then we will see what are the challenges in the same field.

Benefits of Information Security

  • Information Security secures all types of information such as Digital, intellectual property, company secrets, and data in the cloud or on devices.
  • Implementing ISMS enhanced any organization resilience to cyber- attacks.
  • Due to the analysis approach and risk assessment ability of ISMS, has reduced the costs spent on defensive technology.
  • It protects the entire organization from technology-based risks.
  • Information Security adopts the changes inside the organization and in the environment and decreases the risk of continually evolving threats.
  • It offers a set of policies to secure the confidentiality and integrity of information, both technically and physically.
  • It helps in better understanding of risks and security control as a part of daily practices.

Challenges of Information Security

What is Information Security, Benefits and Challenges? 1
Information Security challenges – www.apnitech.com
  • Weak Links in the Supply chain and the system of protection.
  • Mitigating Information Security Challenges through Cyber Security Training.
  • Immature information security market.
  • Mobile workforce and wireless computing.
  • IoT-centric Breaches.
  • Rise of CaaS (Crime-as-a-Service).
  • Lack of government legislation and industry regulations.
  • The new era of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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