Develop Your First Website or Blog in 3 Simple Steps

Your own first website or blog, why not? let’s try this, believe me, it is not that much difficult as some people think. let we start from very basics. 

What is a website or simply site and how it is affecting the new world of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), this can easily be understood if I say Facebook, Twitter, and Google all are websites? You may now see harshly the significance of a site by considering the above names of innovative giants.

why you need your own Website or Blog?

Truly, the facts confirm that there are billions of sites on the web, and increasingly more are accompanying each passing day. The market of products and services is changing quickly and without question, it will keep on developing with each passing day. Concept of a website was emerged to transfer data from one location to another but now the definition of websites has entered in much complex world of virtual reality. Baying a matchstick from a nearby store to order an Aeroplan from Amazon is now on fingertips and on clicks away from your smartphone.

Did you ever imagen yourself without having your cell phone for no more on the planet, yes you did, and if not then pause for a movement and try to imagine the world without phones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops. Life without a cell phone is now unimaginable, this is where the importance of websites and applications arises more.

Register your first website or Blog

this is the best time to get started and develop your own website. Below are 3 simple steps to start with.

1. Register your domain name:

you can find many online websites providing the facility of registration. The domain name is comprised of two main parts, name, and the part which comes after the dot is said to TLD (TOP level domain). Some popular TLDs include .com, .net, .org, .pk, .gov, and .edu.


2. Purchase hosting:

After successful registration of a domain name, the next important thing is to host that name on the server system. If your website is new, I will suggest you purchase space with the basic package.

Note: Normally both Domain Name and Hosting will be provided by the same company. is one of them.

3. Develop your first website/blog:

Normally, this looks very complicated but it is not. Now we are in an era where technology has changed the development process to just drag and drop, you don’t need any coding or mathematical calculations. This is the time of CMS (Content Management System), requires zero coding experience.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are famous CMS solutions. in fact, WordPress is now leading technology in websites world. Millions of website are using this tool. Considering that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 172 million according to a survey published by Netcraft, I will recommend you to start with this tool.

4. Take your first step

like any other journey, you have to take some practical measure to develop your first website or blog. If you are serious to join the world of web, this is the time, go and grab the opportunities offered by the technology of the time. if not now, then when?

Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo all were started from an idea, so be productive and creative, take your first step and be a game-changer.

5. Monetize your Website or Blog:

Once you have successfully launched your website or Blog the next important thing would be marketing and management. There are so many tools and resources available to get maximum coverage and ultimately made your online presence as a source of extra money. 

Here are tips to get maximum traffic for your blog and website and get paid by Google and other sources

Good Luck!

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